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Male skin differs from female skin in a few significant ways: their hair follicles are larger, they have larger sebaceous glands, and they produce testosterone, which makes their skin 25% thicker than women’s. And esthetically, men tend to prefer a clean, matte appearance versus the dewy look that women prefer. Tammy Fender, an esthetician who created an eponymous line of wonderful plant-based holistic skincare, has recently introduced a kit that addresses men’s skincare and their specific concerns.

Because of their larger hair follicles, ingrown hairs are a consistent issue for men. Their larger sebaceous glands cause more buildup in their pores, which can lead to more blemishes, and their thicker skin requires more exfoliation to get rid of the dead skin cells. Many men (especially American men), have viewed skincare as a female activity, and choose to do little to preserve the skin on their face, neck, and back. I believe this is changing and in large part to products that not only target men, but make skincare easy for them, and create positive results that are recognizable.

Included in the Tammy Fender Gentlemen’s Treatment Kit is a gentle cleanser, toner, moisturizer, and spot treatment as well as an exfoliating mask. The Purifying Cleansing Gel is mild enough for use in both the morning and evenings and is intended to be followed by the Essential C Tonic which can be applied liberally. The moisturizer creates a refreshed complexion that is not too dewy. The Epi-Peel which contains Spearmint, Rosemary and Great Burdock contains microscopic exfoliants, making it a treatment mask that scrubs away dead skin, leaving it clean and refreshed. Much like myself, I find that men do not enjoy flowery, fruity, overpowering fragrance -  the scent in these products is subtle and masculine.

I am such a fan of this kit that I have included it on my holiday gift list!