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When we are 35,000 feet up in a pressurized cabin with recycled air, the skin reacts differently and requires extra care. Below are some of my favorite products and tips for maintaining your skin in the air. 

Balance and hydration are key. The air pressure in planes dehydrates the skin, which then disrupts the lipid skin barrier and can lead to irritation and breakouts. A pH balancing Toner is necessary. The Toner contains a Triple Hydration Complex and the 1oz spray bottle allows for easy application. 

I normally travel with a clean face and no makeup. When I get on a flight, I use a Cleansing Wipe to refresh the skin and then I tone. I follow with a thick layer of The Balm which offers great hydration and seals in the moisture. 

Do not forget about your lips, they lose moisture too. Chuda’s Hydrating Lip Treatment is healing and soothing and is packed with revitalizing vitamins that can also be used to treat burns, cuts, and rashes; so, it is a great multi-tasker for travel. 

Sleep as much as possible on the plane. I bring my silk Sleep Mask. It is luxurious, soft, and protects the delicate eye area. 

If I am on a long flight, I use Biologique Recherche’s Patchs Defatigants eye masks under my silk mask. These are tailored to fit the eye contour area and are pre-soaked in serum to ensure that when you land, you are left with visibly brighter under-eyes.

Traveling these days requires an effective sanitizer to wipe down not only your hands but any areas that you are touching on the plane. I always carry The Hand Sanitizer with me. The hydrating gel formula keeps the skin barrier moisturized and protected and the alcohol quickly dissipates into a light lavender scent that is fresh, purifying, and invigorating. 

You need a good place to house all of your essential products during the flight. The Pouch is my absolute must-have. The 3-compartment padded sac has magnetic closures as well as a buckle. It is also stain-resistant and water-resistant to ensure that your products arrive securely and in pristine condition. 

I also always wear my compression socks. While they are not the most attractive looking, they help maintain proper blood flow and reduce any swelling (so I can fit into my shoes when I get to my destination, and that is the most important thing!) 

Finally, try to limit processed foods. Stick to fresh, whole foods when you can, I always order a fruit plate, and I pack homemade, healthy muffins and nuts. 

Bon Voyage!