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Hi Joanna- 

I know that serums are an important part of a good skincare routine. What is a finishing serum? And what is the difference between a regular serum and a finishing serum?  

Serums are a vital step in any skincare regimen. They contain the most potent concentration of active ingredients, and are typically applied after cleansing, toner and massage, and before moisturizer. However, finishing serums are applied as a last step OVER your moisturizer, hence the name. 

Biologique Recherche, one of my favorite lines and creators of Lotion p50 are the pioneers of the finishing serums. They are the most complex and concentrated serums and they stabilized moisturizer and make an excellent base for makeup. I sometimes like to mix my finishing serums with foundation to create a tinted moisturizer. 

While each of their finishing serums has different benefits, they all promote radiance and give skin a natural glow.  

Depending on what your skin needs on any given morning, there is a finishing serum to choose from.

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