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Ok, we're all in a head-spin about this heatwave. Not only are we stuck in our homes without the office air conditioning to help ease us through, it's also the first time in nearly 60 years that we've had six consecutive days of 34 degree heat. You are justified in your sweaty bewilderment.

However confounded you are by climate change though, please stop putting ice lollies in your vagina. Yes, you read that right. Doctors have actually felt compelled to issue statements, urging women to refrain from putting frozen desserts in places that they shouldn't be. Don't make us go into all the reasons that vagsicles are silly, you're better than that.

If you're unlucky enough to be without a trusted fan on this day of murderous heat, we have a selection of cooling beauty products and techniques for you to try, none of which involves icing your vagina.

Get Yourself Some Cryotherapy Tools

Whilst Lady Gaga is famously a fan of an ice bath or two, there’s a slightly less shock-to-the-system method to get the same great chilling results: cryotherapy.

This is a treatment that involves being exposed to near-freezing temperatures to relieve muscle pain and treat a number of skin conditions. If you can't make it to your local cryo chamber (sadly, it's sometimes just not an option) there are a number of at-home kits that can provide similar benefits.

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