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There’s no such thing as a coincidence. Sales of skincare devices have boomed since we all started working from home and constantly looking at ourselves in virtual meetings. Unless you have a glam squad, ring light and know the exact angle to place your computer, Zoom meetings will always lead to the question 'do I really look like that?' Hairdressers have given us the confidence to cover grey roots, so it’s only fair that aestheticians share their in-house secrets to getting a professional glow. While a gritty exfoliation reveals a brighter pallor, electronic devices can reclaim lost collagen and give results quicker than product alone. The instant glow from 10 minutes spent under LED light or the visible lift of nasolabial folds after a micro-current session is priceless. The fact that these devices slip into a suitcase so you can do all this while lying in the comfort of your hotel bed is only a bonus.

Joanna Czech Facial Massager

An Instagram post of facialist Joanna Czech sitting on an aeroplane swirling a massager above her sheet-mask-adorned face made me long to go on holiday even more than I already do. That exciting half-hour before landing when the laptop goes off and the beauty products come out for a refreshed and tingling feeling – I can’t wait. We know massage is important to speed up circulation, get the blood flowing and drain the face of excess fluid but, frankly, it hurts my hands. This non-electronic, hand-held beauty tool takes out the hard work. Made from cooling zinc, the rolling balls navigate the bone structure to drain fluid and manually massage the skin. Also particularly good to release a tight neck.