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No matter what is happening in the world, it can be easy to forget how much we can (and totally should) do from the comfort of our own homes. In fact, almost any fancy beauty treatment, appointment, or pastime can translate to a more relaxing and uplifting nature if we get a little creative with our home base setting. (And yes, whether you dwell in a penthouse or cramped studio, this still applies to you.)

Right now, we're leaning into an at-home mindset. And while not everyone is able to work from home, it's safe to say that in general, we're far more home-bound than we have been in the past. (Even, say, since last week.) 

It's very much human nature to glom onto and mourn the missed opportunities, inconvenience, and stress of uncertainty, but if we do our best to cartwheel our perspective a bit, we might be able to find shimmering glimpses of new opportunities, some increased convenience, and contentment in discovering a new normal. Our goal is to help lift your spirits and to help you find happiness and joy in the little things right now—whether it's treating yourself to a muscle-loosening CBD bath bomb in the tub or finally experimenting with that collection of glitter and bold-hued eyeliners that have been collecting dust on top of your vanity. (Even if no one will see the results except you.) 

Below, we're sharing 11 of our favorite mood-boosting beauty rituals (accessorized with the most-qualified products) we love to do at home. Not only will they make you look more glowy and bright-eyed, but they will also keep you busy and help distract. Keep scrolling—we're challenging your beauty and self-care routine to keep on beating just as determinedly as it always has.

Ritual #10: Relieve Tension In Your Face

Fun fact: We hold a heck of a lot of tension in our face, and it's also where we can retain extra fluid, puff, shadows, or other telltale signs of anxiety or worry. If you're at home, take some time to soothe your skin, roll out the kinks, boost lymphatic drainage, and calm your soul. You might feel better, and your complexion will look significantly more radiant. Below are the most-wanted devices beauty editors and celebrities continually gush over for smooth, clear, and sculpted results.

To Improve Circulation: