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But how exactly do you dry brush? Esker Beauty founder Shannon Davenport says dry brushing should be done before a shower or bath. She says to “begin by brushing upwards towards your heart (in the direction of natural lymph flows) using medium pressure. We start at our feet and brush up in short, small strokes as we move up our legs. Follow this same motion on your arms using short, small strokes towards your heart. For your stomach, chest, and bottom area, brush in a lighter, clockwise motion.” Then wash away the dead skin cells in the bath or shower. Then you’ll be left with firmer and smoother skin. Sold right? Well, scroll on for 12 of the best options to achieve your silkiest skin yet.



The Dry Massage Body Brush

Use this dry brush twice a week for improved texture, reduction in cellulite, and firmer-looking skin.