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Skincare expert Joanna Czech reveals her strongest secrets to take care of your skin yourself, both on the face and body.

Beauty : Every time we talk about facial care we know that nothing can replace the hands of experts. However, in everyday life it is not always easy to receive professional care and that is why we look for ways to achieve the best result from home . Fortunately, the American facialist and skincare expert Joanna Czech, beloved of Jennifer Aniston and Christy Turlington Burns, conveys her wisdom in face care through 3 golden rules that you can apply from home.

Facial massage

"The most important step in skincare is massage. "We have to treat the muscles of the face like a little dough - pushing in and then stretching," says Czech. "This process stimulates blood circulation. The blood carries oxygen to the skin and automatically makes it more radiant, while what you apply afterwards will be absorbed much more easily because the skin will have warmed up ".

The expert suggests that you start your treatment by stretching your shoulders and chest. Then massage the spine, as far down as you can. "When I massage in the treatments, I start from the middle and go to the head. All the nerves responsible for the front of the body are located along the spine. With the massage the skin is prepared and the results will be much more visible ". Finally, massage the trapezius muscles (shoulders) for more relaxation.

Czech strongly believes in the right tools. Her own "facial massager" stimulates the muscles and helps to eliminate tension. It helps to relax and enhance your radiance and vitality, starting from the center of the face and pulling towards the edges, ending under the jaw and behind the ears. "Always go in the same direction, not back and forth," she advises, proposing 111SKIN face masks and her own "facial massager" .

Chest massage

If you only care for the skin of your face , it is definitely not good, says Czech. She believes that we should start from the chest and end up in the head, doing massage, cleansing and hydration throughout the area . "70-80% of women show the first signs of aging on their breasts, so you should use serums, moisturizers, and cleansers on your breasts as well." For serum, he proposes the Tripeptide Neck Repair with retinol by Skinceuticals, as a mask he chooses the portable Boost Advanced LED Light Therapy Décolletage Bib by The Light Salon and finally, for hydration and elasticity, the Ageless Throat and Décolletage Cream by Prai.

Take care of your skin 

If the muscles in the face are like dough, the skin is like a sponge: "When we look at it under a microscope we can see the fatty tissues and collagen fibers, like the other layers, like a sponge," says Czech. "This is why I press and gradually leave the skin when I apply a product. When you apply something on your face in this way, the skin opens and absorbs the amount evenly ".

Whether it is a toner, serum or cream, Czech advises to spread the product with your fingers and press it softly, leaving it gradually. Then press lightly to make sure it is absorbed.