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If you've ever played a viral skincare YouTube video on repeat, or willingly fallen down a BeautyTok rabbit hole, you're definitely one of them. (Perhaps you saw one of our Go to Bed with Me videos while down there?) If you know your AHAs from your BHAs, you're one of them. If the names Hyram and Susan matter more to you than ASAP and Rihanna, you're one of them. We're talking about skincare obsessives—those devoted to the art, science, and luxury of a perfected skin care routine.

The 41 beauty gifts below are catered to those of us—or that one friend or relative—who would rather throw cash at bottles of serum than at even the most prestige bottle of champagne. Skincare stans can be hard to shop for, but the sets below are so good they should come without a receipt. Ahead, the best skincare gift sets worthy of any daily rotation.

Joanna Czech | Facial Massager

If they're looking to dip their big toe into the world of skincare tools, this facial roller from Joanna Czech can make it easier and more relaxing for a friend to apply their favorite serum.