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By Jenna Rennert

With seven-plus steps becoming ubiquitous in beauty routines thanks to the ever-increasing influence of Korean beauty on the Western skin-care market, a multiple-layer process is now the norm. And while most beauty junkies have a slew of cult-level items they use daily, be it a hydrating eye cream found only at certain French pharmacies or a rare snail-infused sheet mask, it’s easy to see why leaving one out of the mix can be hard.

Even more ambitious then would be to choose just one stellar, hardworking product—something that’s powerful enough to outlast the day and still deliver benefits that penetrate deeply into the skin until evening. Impossible! Unless, of course, you’re a celebrity facialist. After all, they spend their days slathering A-list clients with the best of the best, from super-active vitamin C serums to exfoliating toners and everything in between. Here, some of the most in-demand aestheticians around the country reveal the desert-island products they just can’t live without.

“One product I can’t live without is Biologique’s P50. This toner is also a micro-exfoliator, and I use it daily. It is a game changer!” —Joanna Czech, Joanna Czech Spa, Dallas