6 Celebrity Facialists Share Their Favorite Airplane Beauty Staples

By: Jenna Rennart

Over the river and through the woods with perfectly primed, hydrated skin? Harder than it sounds. Hectic travel schedules and overdrying air at 35,000 feet aren't exactly helpful for achieving a glowy, healthy looking base. For crack-free, happy skin, heed the seasoned advice of the world's best celebrity estheticians. Here, 6 ways to keep your eyes, lips, and cheeks protected, wherever that airplane takes you this season.

"Massage is one of the most effective non-invasive treatments that you can do on your own. Just 7 minutes a day makes a significant difference over time. I created my multi-purpose Facial Massager to make the job easier. It also can be used for drainage and pushing product into the skin, and comes with a travel bag for easy packing. Stick it in your mini fridge for the extra benefits of cold therapy." —Joanna Czech