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Joanna Czech is legendary in the skincare world. Working her magic and signature slapping massage on mega celeb clients including Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, and Cara Delevingne, she's gained a reputation for being one of the most in-demand facialists in the world. So, getting the chance to speak with her felt like a holy grail skincare moment where I was taking every possible note to adopt into my personal routine.

Describing herself as an "inquisitive esthetician" seems like a major understatement after sitting down with her. Her approach to skincare is steeped in heavy science and research, and everything that she does. Needless to say, I jotted down every possible suggestion and have since changed up my skincare routine to integrate her holy-grail tips. Ahead, I'm highlighting the genius facialist skincare advice from Joanna Czech that is simply too good to not share.

1. Make Sure To Include a Great Eye Product In Your Routine

While many places on the body are a bit more resilient, the eye skin is fragile so needs special treatment. "It is absolutely the thinnest skin on our body—about 40 times thinner than the skin on our face—so it is important to use proper products," Czech explains.

2. Use PH-Controlling Toners

Described as a micro-exfoliating product, Czech says that she believes strongly in the PH-controlling toners to balance the skin.

3. Invest In A Serum That Addresses Your Biggest Concern

While you might be wondering which investment products are truly worth it, Czech recommends a great serum. "For me, it's vitamin A serum from Environ and super potent serum by Dior—because I have my hyaluronic acid at night and I have my vitamin A at night," she says. "I start usually with hyaluronic acid and then follow with vitamin A."

4. Add A Hyaluronic Acid To Your Regimen

"I love any products with great hyaluronic acid," Czech explains. She looks for products that penetrate deeply and instantly.

5. Start Your Day At Night

"Never go to bed without preparing your whole skin," explains Czech. "Your skin is about 60% more potent to absorb everything during relaxation and rejuvenation time, so automatically the efficacy of all of the products you will apply is going to very different than in the morning, so this is the very first tip."

6. Take Care Of Your Decollete 

While you may be taking care of your face, don't ignore your décolletage. "Your face starts with the nipples and ends with the hairline—that's another elegant saying of mine," she explains. "You simply need to take care of that area. It has a reduced lipidic layer, just like on the hands (at least 30%–40%). That's why we have oily skin or breakouts on our face but not necessarily on the décolletage or the hands."

7. Don't Do What Your Friends Do

While you may want to listen to the advice of your friends, don't. "You don't have the same needs," Czech explains, "and you don't have the same skin." Make sure to tailor your skincare to what works for you.

8. Don't Over-Exfoliate

While exfoliating isn't a bad thing, just make sure you're not over-doing it. "Scrub one or twice a week—and sometimes even mixed with your cleanser to make it milder," she recommends. "I see a little bit of over-treatment. And stepping back occasionally is just fine."