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Incorrect cleansing can contribute to dullness, breakouts and a sensitized skin barrier, which in turn impacts the effectiveness of the products you apply afterwards. So, we asked top celebrity aestheticians – from Joanna Czech to Emma Goodman (beloved by Hailey Bieber) and Zendaya’s go-to facialist, Joomee Song – to share their secrets for thoroughly clean skin. BY MALENA HARBERS

Joanna Czech: Do a fortnightly cleansing treatment

“I get clients to do a special treatment at home using a cleansing oil and clay mask. Once you’ve removed your makeup, do your second cleanse with the cleansing oil, followed by the clay mask layered on top. Leave this on for 15 minutes, then massage the two together on your skin with a little water before removing them – it’s a great deep-cleansing and micro-peeling treatment. Do this twice a week for four weeks and your skin will be perfectly smooth and decongested.”