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With clients including Jennifer Aniston, Hailey Bieber, Adwoa Aboah and Kim Kardashian, JOANNA CZECH is as famous for her wise skin advice as she is for her incredible facials. Here, she tells NEWBY HANDS her rules for achieving your best complexion ever

1. Nail your nighttime routine

“That’s where it all begins when it comes to your skincare, so always clean your skin properly. I say, ‘Don’t bring the streets to your sheets’ to my clients, which seems to get the message through. Products are 60 percent more effective when applied at night because that’s when the rejuvenation happens. Plus, we have the highest levels of moisture loss when we sleep, so this is the perfect time to address your skin issues. In the morning, focus on protecting; at night, prioritize treating and repairing your skin.”

2. Don't do what your girlfriend does - do what's right for you

“Just because a cream works fabulously for her doesn’t mean it will do the same for you. Each of us has individual needs and everything from age and lifestyle to climate and stress all dictate what your skin needs. Before you get into any routine, have your skin evaluated by an expert. The choice of products can make anyone dizzy, so ask an aesthetician or your dermatologist to assess your skin’s needs. At least 80 percent of the women I see are not using the right products for them, and that’s where the problems start, as they are not treating their specific skin concerns.”

3. Be gentle and consistent

“Your regimen should support the skin without damaging, stripping or over-treating it – we need all those layers for the skin to remain healthy. We have this strange belief that for something to work it must hurt, but being gentle and consistent (consistency is everything) gives you the accumulative results without causing irritation or damage. With retinol, you start low and step it up over time to get results. I also tell clients to avoid intense treatments like peels and lasers in the extremes of summer and winter – do it in spring and fall, as around 63-69°F (17-20°C) is a good healing temperature.”

4. Expand your facial horizons

“Don’t ever forget to care for your neck, chest and hands. If you need to see the words ‘neck and décolleté’ on a label before you think to moisturizer there, invest in a dedicated neck and chest product, but otherwise just use your usual serums and creams. The only difference in the skin is that the lipidic layer on the neck and chest is reduced by 30-40 percent, which means these areas have fewer sebaceous glands and will show aging before the face. So, when you take care of your body, always treat your neck, décolleté and hands. Then, when you take care of your face, include those areas, too – this way, the weaker places get double treatment.”

5. Use vitamin C

“My favorite ingredient is THD ascorbate, which is the most stable form of vitamin C. Plus, it’s oil-soluble and doesn’t create sun sensitivity. As it’s in a stable form, it has the chance to penetrate deeper to stimulate collagen and increase elasticity, too, while also brightening and preventing hyperpigmentation. I use this ingredient in my Joanna Czech The C+ Serum – it launched 10 months ago and not one person has reported any sensitivity to it. Also, you should be using vitamin A (retinol) at night and vitamin C in the day to slow down the noticeable signs of aging.”

6. Enhance products with pro application

“I recommend using the sponge technique – put the product on the skin’s surface, then use your fingers to press and release skin until it’s all absorbed. When you press the surface, it microscopically opens like a sponge, so, when you release it again, it grabs onto the product as it closes.”

7. You can never massage too much

“Unless you have active acne, deep-tissue massage is the one treatment that works for every skin type and condition. Start by working on the largest muscles in the forehead, as stimulating this area helps to lift the cheeks, then work on the cheeks themselves and finally the jawline. If you start on the jawline and go up, it just helps to pull everything else down. Instead, work down, and if you feel you can’t do it properly, use a massager device daily. Try to add a relaxing massage at the back of the neck into your routine, too, as all the nerves that open up the front of your body and face are located there.”

8. Use a device

“Applying microcurrent or LED at home is great, and you can’t overdo it. Remember, massage acts as a general workout; microcurrent gives more targeted muscle stimulation; and, for skin tightening, use red LED light. I also love the Lyma laser – I use two at once in my facials.”