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Clean your cardis, there’s no more parties! It’s time to eat real food again. Get to bed on time. Dry out a little (if you know what I mean.) Holidays go from ho ho ho to hungover rrreal quick. I have a few local gems to help that were so graciously shared with me after moving back to Big D.

And why listen to me? Valid question, when you look at my nowhere-near-zero inbox. But, as a busy mom with years in the fashion industry1, I know my way around.

Consider me your spirit guide.

Fairy Godmother

After the hectic travel, gingerbread, and champagne, you need Joanna Czech. She’s in high demand, but now you can get her expertise (sans slapping) without an appointment. After two years of research and development, Joanna launched The Kit with seven essential products and it’s a big. freaking. deal. Run, don’t walk, to get yours before The Kardashians buy them all for their friends and you’re up Shitt’s Creek without your serums.