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Esthetician to the stars Joanna Czech gives each of her clients the red carpet treatment, regardless of whether or not they have upcoming red carpet appearances. “Red carpet treatment is every treatment that I do on a daily basis for every single client,” Czech explained. “That’s how I’ve been approaching it for 38 years.”

From Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Aniston to Hailey Bieber and Lily Aldridge, Czech’s roster of clients is a testament to her unparalleled knowledge and vivacious desire to help each person who walks in her studio. “I love taking care of people, and that’s where it all starts,” she said.

Awards season can be a busy time as she prepares clients for red carpets galore. For this year’s Golden Globes, Czech prepped some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Suki Waterhouse, Camila Morrone, Kaitlyn Dever, Natasha Lyonne, Maya Rudolph, and Minnie Driver to get them red carpet ready for the big night. She sat down with CR to explain the exact skincare and facial treatment she used for the Golden Globes and to share basic skincare tips and tricks during cold winter months.

Czech starts a client’s facial with cleanser; for the Golden Globes, she has been gravitating toward Chanel’s Sublimage Gel-to-Oil Cleanser. “After I cleanse, I massage the face with precleanse oil and a clay mask, softening the skin and any impurities,” she explained. “I am working very deeply into the muscles of the face to purify and sculpt.”

Next, she pairs specific serums with the Lyma Laser, a breakthrough beauty product revolutionizing anti-aging technology. She works with the Lyma laser for about ten minutes on each side of the face, focusing on any weaker areas like rosacea, hyperpigmentation, or acne flare-ups. “Lyma lasers make the serums absorb faster by stimulating ATP energy, also making the results last longer,” she said. For the finishing touches, Czech will massage the fave with microcurrent gloves. Then, she opts for LED panels with negative ionization to stimulate relaxation and boost immune system health.

Czech understands that her clients unfortunately cannot come in for a facial every day, so she recommends a few skincare tips and products to maintain the facial’s effects at home. “My client care really starts with education,” she said.

She insists that clients focus on their nighttime routine. “The efficacy of product applied at night is increased 30 to 40 percent because your skin absorbs everything better during relaxation and rejuvenation time.” she explained. After cleansing the skin, she opts for a pH toner, like her own The Toner, followed by serums addressing the skin’s problem areas. To finish, a comforting moisturizer is essential. “I use The Balm I created,” she said. “At night, we lose the majority of moisture in our sleep. So it’s important to get as much moisture in the skin as possible.”

Morning skincare is just as important, too. In the winter months, Czech emphasizes using an oil-based moisturizer like her eponymous brand’s The Balm. “A water-based cream will freeze within pores, causing them to expand and potentially squeeze and permanently break your capillaries,” she noted.

She loves to send her clients home with some of her favorite products, one of them being the Lyma laser, considering it gives clients the power to achieve clinical results at home. The laser is able to reach the base layer of your skin treats aging, redness, pigmentation, scars, and blemishes. “Lyma laser increases the elasticity of the skin,” she explained. “You can immediately see the difference.”

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