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Finding a skin care routine can feel like a never-ending process — and that’s because it is. As things in your life change (surroundings, hormones, stress levels, age), your skin inevitably changes with it, so sometimes even your tried and true skin care products run their course. Celebrity facialist Joanna Czech (whose clients include Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid) designed a skin care collection that’s designed to move through these changes with you, so you always have a routine you can rely on.

Today, the skin expert officially launches The Kit, a tightly edited set of seven essential products formulated by Czech herself. Though it’s a cohesive collection that works together, Czech also understands that no one is going to replace their entire routine with a brand new collection of products. For that reason, The Kit is meant to be integrated into whatever lineup of products you currently use and love because like most beauty lovers Czech’s routine is made of favorites from various brands. “I don’t believe in one skin care line,” Czech tells TZR. “I love Biologique Recherche. They have my favorite product. There are other lines that have a strong vitamin A or vitamin C.”

When thinking about the main issues these products would address, Czech was drawn to environmental changes and how they impact the skin, as well as creating a streamlined routine that is adaptable, simple and portable. “What I thought was important is changes in the climate and also kind of minimizing what is necessary for the skin. That’s why I created these particular products.”

The Kit comes in a plush travel pouch with what Czech considers the essentials: The Cleansing Wipes, The Toner, The C+ Serum, The Soothing Serum, The Cream, The Balm, and The Face Mask. Due to the recent wave of eco-conscious beauty, makeup wipes have the tendency to be villainized, but there’s no denying that they are sometimes necessary for the sake of practicality. Czech’s (which, by the way, are biodegradable) contain soothing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and chamomile and — as she points out — should never replace cleanser.

Above it all, The Kit is about nourishment and hydration — especially when traveling or in a drier climate. “I call [air]planes the fifth season because it has its own climate and it's quite a dehydrated atmosphere,” Czech says. When the skin is dry and irritated, she explains, it becomes reactive to everything, so the key is to maintain a certain level of hydration.

Even the most hydrating products in The Kit, such as The Balm, are formulated carefully in order to adapt to all skin types. “I am in love with The Balm because you can put it on in the middle of the summer. If you properly melt in your hands and you shouldn't be greasy looking; you might be glowy. The Balm creates hydration from within.”

When asked if there’s one product in the collection that stands above the rest Czech responds, “It’s very hard because think about it, that one product is The Kit,” she says emphasizing that though the individual products can be used alone or with products from other skin care lines, the entire kit is a cohesive system and product in and of itself.