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If you’re a skincare or beauty fanatic like the rest of us, you’ve probably heard the name Joanna Czech. Over the past 35 years, Czech has created a name for herself as a celebrity skincare specialist beginning her studies in Poland and then relocating to New York where she slowly developed a trusted clientele. Today, Czech has garnered a star-studded roster of faces she's responsible for keeping bright and fresh, including: Kim Kardashian, Candice Swanepoel, Jennifer Aniston, Liam Neeson, Kate Winslet, and many more; not to mention an ambassadorship with Dior beauty and two brick-and-mortar storefronts in Dallas and downtown Manhattan. After three decades and an ever-growing skincare market, Czech has been waiting patiently to bottle up and share her expertise with the world—until now.

“I didn't do it just for the heck of it because it's cool to have a skincare line, right? I'm a perfectionist Aquarius,” laughed Czech over a Zoom call from her home. “Three years later, we are finishing. I feel like I'm in labor and the due date is November, it’s like I'm having contractions.”

The Kit is certainly a labor of love for Czech. Composed of seven essential products formulated by Czech alongside a former pharmacologist, she has created the perfect all-in-one skincare routine to fluctuate with changing temperatures and lifestyles. “I had the idea of a traveling kit based on my lifestyle and based on the lifestyles of 80% of people that I take care of. I’ve heard for the last 35 years “first we’re going to Mount Everest, then Egypt, and I'm flying 70 hours – what do I bring?” and what I noticed is, maybe the products were from different lines, but it always revolved around the same idea.” In response to her clients asking the same question over and over again, Czech boiled down her prescribed routine into the ultimate adaptive regimen. “As soon as you change the environment, even just from the room 69 degrees to 96, already your skin’s lipid bilayer will be affected and you will start experiencing irritation,” said Czech. “If you don't have proper protection or support, you’ve got to be reactive.”

Let’s be clear, Czech does not believe in quick fixes, “I was an athlete all my life. So I believe in discipline and consistency,” said Czech. However, The Kit offers up a practical approach to a complete skincare set that works for any skin type at any time. “I always pay attention to creating a very specific skincare routine for every single person because we are also different, but those products are great for any skin condition, any skin color and skin tone, and wherever those skins go,” said Czech.

All wrapped up into a sleek midnight blue pouch created by Czech in collaboration with her design team, The Kit is as fashionable as it is functional. A puffy luxurious nylon travel pouch with an airplane seat belt closure houses the glass packaging with safety and style. Bonus: with The Kit’s additional clear plastic insert, you don’t have to struggle going through TSA. “I needed to have that secret pouch because that's the part about the airport that drives me crazy. It did pass the test right in Paris two weeks ago,” said Czech.

Ready to go inside The Kit? We’re breaking down all seven products that Czech is releasing by the maestro’s recommended order. Of course, The Kit is made to mix and match and adapt with you, but just make sure you're applying it all "nipples up", as per Czech's advice.


Throughout our entire conversation, Czech stresses the importance of toner and keeping your skin’s pH levels balanced and in check. “Once you wash your face, then you need to balance your pH,” said Czech. “The pH of our toner is kind of the perfect pH for human skin, it replenishes pH of the skin as an acidic toner, but not necessarily exfoliating toner.” With a prebiotic of chicory root and agave along with a mineral composition of zinc, magnesium, and copper, this powerful toner restores the skin’s ecosystem as the foundation for the rest of The Kit.

Pro tip: Czech recommends patting and pushing The Kit's formulations into the skin for maximal payoff.


Czech’s serum is a main player in The Kit featuring two separate serums to use interchangeably with your routine. The C+ serum is ultra-lightweight absorbing quickly into the skin for both morning and evening use. “I needed a vitamin c serum, a super antioxidant with many other ingredients producing healthy collagen production,” said Czech. This powerful serum brightens, hydrades, and evens out your skin tone getting rid of pesky hyperpigmentation spots.

Pro tip: Czech says you can mix drops of either serum with The Kit’s creams, four drops will do the trick.


For nights out, acne spots, long flights, and depleted and inflamed skin in general, Czech’s soothing serum will be your starring act in The Kit’s lineup. Combatting changing environments as the temperatures drop, The Soothing Serum reduces inflammation to deeply hydrate and calm sensitized skin. For the drying atmosphere of an airplane cabin during the holiday season, make sure to layer up with The Soothing Serum.

Pro tip: Czech mixes the two serums together for maximal hydration benefits when flying.


According to Better Health Channel, an air traveller can lose approximately 1.5 litres of water during a three-hour flight, so layering up with lots of hydration is key for The Kit’s lineup. While all products are made for both day and night, The Kit additionally offers two creams to interchange with your environment. The cream is the more lightweight option of the two moisturizers energizing the skin with Ceramides and low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid while restoring its barrier function with Lanolin and Sponge Gourd Seed Extract.


This winter, The Balm will become your new best friend. Designed as an ultra-hydrating and long-lasting moisturizer, The Balm is made to keep your skin’s barrier intact in low temperatures. “As soon as you experience 32 degrees below, that's when you need The Balm or an oil-based moisturizer, not just water base.” Czech says using a water-based moisturizer in cold weather can cause freezing on the skin leading to broken capillaries and other inflammation. “It's very particular, when you warm it up a little bit in your hands, it starts becoming much lighter, and then you apply it on your face,” said Czech.

Pro tip:
Use The Kit’s metal spatula to obtain and apply your moisturizer faster.


“On a plane, I don't want anybody to rush to the bathroom to wash their faces,” said Czech. “They don't replace your cleanser on daily basis, that they create practicality that all the products have in mind.” In a pinch, Czech will first use the wipes in place of cleanser followed up by The Toner to restore pH balance. Additionally, all products have undergone ocular testing so they’re safe to use on the eyes.


Last but not least, The Face Mask. “Very often on a flight I’ll bring a face mask,” said Czech. “The thing about sheet masks is they’re very fast acting, you’ll have quick results but they might not be the longest lasting.” Czech recommends using The Kit’s metal spatula to make sure the mask has no air bubbles and is secure on the face.