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With the rise of dedicated body formulas that offer both short- and long-term benefits, it’s easier than ever to get visibly smoother, more supple skin from the chin down, says MALENA HARBERS

Upgrade your everyday body moisturizer

“Twenty-five percent of our body’s immune system is found in our skin cells,” says aesthetician Joanna Czech. “But only a tiny amount of our skin is on our face – the rest is on our body, so we need to take care of it for a better complexion and for our health.” While some of us are already diligent with a daily body moisturizer, it’s what’s in it that matters most. Many body creams contain a simple emollient to hydrate the skin. Instead, “they should be of equally good quality as face creams,” says Czech. Look for formulas infused with problem-solving ingredients – such as AHAs and retinols for cell turnover and pigment control; antioxidants for protecting and strengthening skin; and intense hydrators, like hyaluronic acid, for a softer, smoother skin texture.