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Anyone who applies a Glossier Cloud Paint or Futuredew daily has Emily Weiss to thank for it. The founder and CEO of the direct-to-consumer brand, which made waves when it launched in 2012, she is truly an expert in all things beauty. Fresh from the opening of a new Glossier store in London in December, Weiss, who is expecting her first child, sat down with acting beauty and wellness editor Hannah Coates to talk through her own rituals and routines.

On her favourite facialists
I don’t have a go-to but I recently tried Sofie Pavitt in New York and she was great. I was so impressed by her knowledge of acne and how to clear it – she fixes people’s skin. If you look at her Instagram you’ll see these before-and-afters that are amazing – fixing acne and problematic skin is really her passion. I think Joanna Czech is great for glow, and I haven’t tried her yet, but everyone in LA loves Melanie Grant.