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This is a message for Momager Kris Jenner and Kris Jenner only – you're going to have to make some room in that Instagram bio of yours for there is another new Kardashian brand to add to the roster. Yep, I'm talking about SKKN by Kim.

If you've been MIA on IG within the past few days (Platty Joobs four-day hangover? I feel you), then you would have missed Kim Kardashian's announcement of her latest business adventure. Adding to SKIMS, KKW Fragrance, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood and the late, great KKW Beauty (RIP), The Kardashian's reality star has now entered the realm of skincare with her new line that is launching on 21st June. P.S. we just hope it's accessible in the UK, unlike some. JLo Beauty, I'm looking @ you...

Building up to the launch, as one usually would, Kim has been doing some extra promo on Insta and has even opened up a new account for the brand. On the new IG account's feed, we've been served plenty product shots but our favourite post has to be the six-minute – yes, six-minute – facial tutorial video with world-class esthetician, Joanna Czech.

Introducing the video, Kim says: "we're doing a facial today with all of our products" and following this, Joanna starts by mixing the SKKN cleanser with a touch of water and then massaging it into the face for a few minutes.

And as much as we love the in-depth tutorial on how to use the products, it's not the skincare that people are talking about in the comments. Instead, fans are all saying the same thing: just how relaxing the video is to watch.

One person wrote: "I was falling asleep watching. It was so relaxing".

Another said: "Wow this was really relaxing to watch, I want a facial now".

Whilst someone else commented: "This was so relaxing to watch 🤍".

Another fan put: "this is so satisfying 😍😍".

Of course, facials are meant to be relaxing, but who knew watching a facial could be just as satisfying?! I mean, maybe it's just the spa music, who knows...