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There's a good reason that so many makeup artists, hairstylists, and aestheticians these days have hundreds of thousands of followers and blue verified check marks on Instagram, just like their celebrity clientele. It's because their work has become so admired, so respected, so inspiring (and ultimately imitated) that they've earned celebrity status themselves. And it's nights like the 2020 Golden Globes that bring even more attention to the magic they can do with a case of cosmetics, a curling wand, and some face cream.

We get to see their finished products when the stars hit the red carpet, but thanks to social media, we get glimpses — and sometimes full-blown step-by-step, real-time insight — into how they arrived there. (In fact, sometimes we see how they arrived there in how they literally arrived there, getting touchups in the car on the way to the Beverly Hilton.) As early as Saturday morning, celebrities started sharing their prep, like Mandy Moore getting a facial from aesthetician Joanna Czech. Meanwhile, Sofia Vergara picks out jewels, Saoirse Ronan gets a blowout, and Rita Wilson waits for her stylist to show up.

Here are some of the most revealing, funny, and wish-we-were-there moments that Golden Globes-bound celebrities and their glam teams have given us on social media.

Mandy Moore

Before Mandy Moore walked the red carpet, she made time for a facial from aesthetician Joanna Czech. This sheet mask gets partial credit for Moore's glow tonight.