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Amid the current pandemic, staying home has never been more important. As the change in routine and ambient stress may have you encountering new issues, who better to ask for advice than a facialist? From Joanna Czech to Shani Darden, here, 10 of the most in-demand facialists share their tips for a well-kept complexion alongside their own go-to at-home routines.

Joanna Czech

Beyond watching Netflix and filling in her Sudoku puzzles, celebrity aesthetician Joanna Czech has upped the ante on her skincare routine during this time. “I am doing sheet masks quite often,” she says, in addition to exfoliating with a gentle face scrub twice a week. Czech has also been spending some time with her LED light: “I am using my Celluma Pro every day on my face, hands, belly, and thighs—even during virtual consultations, although my clients [can’t] see!”