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Minami Gessel has been in campaigns for Glossier, Nike, Calvin Klein, and Outdoor Voices, but an extra-special achievement was her appearance in Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3. “This is to all the fat Asian girl who never felt like they belonged, who never felt like they could be beautiful, who never thought they would be represented,” the model told her followers on Instagram.

Gessel is still adjusting to wearing makeup every day for work, and though she has been lucky not to have had an allergic reaction on set, she hadn’t quite realized how much work and time goes into prepping the skin for shoots. It even inspired her to invest almost $200 on a Joanna Czech face massager. “I’m willing to pay a little bit more if I know that something is going to last longer,” she says. “And I’ve had this face roller since 2018 — I use it every single day, and the rollers haven’t worn down at all.”

“This face roller really helps me de-puff, especially when my face is feeling really inflamed after a night of drinking and going out. I also feel like, in the same way that you exercise for your body and your health, you should do the same thing for the skin on your face. I mean, your skin is the largest organ, so … ”

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“Neada Deters, the founder of Lesse, reached out and was like, ‘I’d love to send you products.’ I’d heard about the brand before — their Instagram is so beautiful. The Refining Cleanser doesn’t really smell like much of anything, but it has a slight floral fragrance. It has charcoal exfoliating beads, so after you do your first cleanse and take off your makeup, it’s really nice to get a soapy little face wash in. That’s what I do to make sure everything is really clean. Best of all: It doesn’t strip my skin and doesn’t break me out. It’s great.”