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Czechisms to Live By 

“The face starts at your nipples and ends at the hairline. You don’t need separate creams for your neck, décolletage, or the back of your hands. It is the same physiology, anatomy, and pathology, only with the slight difference that the lipid layer on the neck and décolletage is reduced 30 to 40 percent. When you use your body treatment, do your neck and down. When you do your face treatment, always nipples up. It’s not the product itself but also the motion of the application, which creates a little micro massage and micro blood flow. If you do it at least two times a day, it really makes a difference.  

“Don’t bring streets to your sheets. Concentrate on nighttime routine. Little children, we bathe them at night, we read them a page of a book, and they are peaceful asleep. We are exactly the same creatures, but just as crazy humans, we keep ourself busy and collapse. But we need the same ritual to support our body. So nighttime shower, nighttime skincare, nighttime face care—that’s mandatory for any results and for our health. You want to make sure that you keep all your moisture within your skin because the main water loss happens at night. And efficacy of all the products is increased 40 to 50 percent when they are applied at night, because that’s when skin really absorbs everything during relaxation and rejuvenation time.  

“Don’t do what your girlfriend does. We all have different needs, different conditions. So don’t rush to those experts because your girlfriend went and she looked good. See a specialist for everything, but choose for yourself. 

“Don’t follow trends. I don’t believe in trends in skincare. All those buzzwords—natural, healthy, friendly, organic. What? Clients walk into the studio, and I have no idea if the person is sad, smiley, happy, or not because there is no movement in the face at all. And they say, ‘Joanna, are your products clean?’ What the hell does it even mean? And I say, ‘I just dusted them off.’  

“Plastic surgery at the right time. For the woman who wakes up in the morning and each time analyzes her skin, do it when there is still some elasticity left. I’m approaching 60. If I would do my surgery now, I would look like I’m walking against the wind. 

“Treat the muscles like a dough and the skin like a sponge. This is from my very first instructor in Poland. Deep tissue massage bypasses the skin and has nothing to do with stretching because it reshapes the muscles and stimulates blood flow, bringing nutrients and oxygen to our muscles, to our skin. Apply some oil or serum—that’s when you can manipulate the muscle. Then, your product, you spread it, you tap a little bit, and your skin acts like a sponge. 

“Lasers are so misunderstood and over-pushed. The level of hypopigmentation post-lasers—wrongfully used and just pushed on people—it’s unbelievable how many crying clients we have. And then when somebody’s addicted, you see this see-through skin without any natural color because melanocytes are burnt out. So you will never get tan, you only turn pink or white. If I can tell that somebody had something done, that’s not good. Proper form of vitamin A, microneedling, proper forms of vitamin C, face massaging, LED therapies, even PRP—all those are good. Either you were born with map of Europe on your forehead, or you really have such post-acne scarring that you don’t want to step out from home. These are the people that should do it.”