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Celebrity aesthetician and skincare genius Joanna Czech tends to the complexions of Christy Turlington and Cate Blanchett. And now she's giving you free masking advice. We suggest you grab a pen and paper and get reading below...

It’s not very often you get to pick the brain of one of the world’s most decorated aestheticians, but here we are with Joanna Czech. Her clientele reads like a red carpet: Jennifer Aniston, Anna Wintour Candice Swanopoel, Rooney Mara, Kim Kardashian – so it’s safe to say she’s one of the best in the business.

With 30 years of experience, Czech is lauded for her analytical approach to skin health and preference for long-term regimens as opposed to quick fixes. It’s this belief system that saw her team up with 111Skin, namely founder Dr. Yannis Alexandrides – a plastic surgeon and post-procedure skin healing pioneer. Together they crafted the 111Skin Facial Edit, a curated mix of 111Skin’s iconic sheet masks and Czech’s signature facial massage tool.

Czech is also (unsurprisingly) a huge fan when it comes to masking with purpose – think massage, DIY cryo, multi-masking, masking-mid-espresso… the works. And we were lucky enough to get all the intel below.

Keep reading for her tips. 

On The 111Skin Facial Edit :

“The combination of massage and sheet masks are a favourite treatment of mine (plus, I’ve been a big fan of 111Skin Sheet masks since I first started using them). The masks included in the set address a variety of skin conditions. And the massage tool is great to use before masking or during, especially the Y Theorum Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask because it doesn’t move around too much.”

On her personal favourite 111Skin Mask:

“Currently, the Sub-Zero De-Puffing Energy Sheet Mask is my favourite. I mainly use it in the morning during my espresso. Before I apply it, I cleanse, tone and use my facial massager. I apply the mask for 20 minutes and it makes such a difference. Anything Cryo is anti-inflammatory and this mask creates a beautiful hydrated, energised skin that you can really feel after you take it off.”

On making your sheet mask work harder:

  • “Sheet masks can be used on daily basis. You can alternate what you use depending on your skin conditions that day and what you’re trying to solve. I believe it’s important to do masks after cleansing, toning. You can also apply serums beforehand if they are watery.
  • Make sure your mask is spread very well over your skin. There should be no wrinkles or bumps. You can use a spatula or the flat side of a butter knife to help spread it.
  • You can run ice cubes over the mask to seal everything in and an added boost of cryo.”

On her at-home skin treatment of choice: 

  • “I always begin any treatment with cleansing, and I love a double cleanse when I have time. I use Environ Pre-Cleanse Oil which dissolves the dirt and debris. I follow with their Hydrating Clay Mask which will detach the dirt and debris that the oil has dissolved.
  • Now I would start the massage, beginning with the back of the neck as this is where all of the nerves are located, Next, I’d move to my shoulders and then face.
  • Next I’d remove the clay mask with a washcloth (I prefer linen washcloths as they give an extra bit of micro exfoliation).
  • Apply Toner.
  • Apply serums.
  • I’d then apply my 111Skin sheet mask for 20 minutes.
  • I love LED, so would probably sit under a red lamp minimum 20 minutes.
  • Finally, I’d Finish with my chosen moisturiser or finishing serums.”

On how to nail DIY facial massage:

“Start in centre of your face and gently work your way out towards the edges. Starting with the forehead, then under eyes, then the jawline. Do five strokes on each part and after the fifth, bring the massager or your hands down to the base of the ear and then the base of the neck as this drains the body fluid to the lymph nodes.

You can follow with ice cubes wrapped in gauze for extra benefits of cold therapy.

For proper sculpting, you need to do deeper muscle manipulation (you can do with the massager or your hands). My first instructor in aesthetics school back in Poland taught me to treat the muscles like dough. Concentrate on the brow, cheeks and jawline, warming the muscles up and then running an ice cube wrapped in gauze to seal everything in.”