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Joanna Czech is no stranger to perfect skin. With a rolodex of clients including Jennifer Aniston, Mandy Moore, Cate Blanchett, Kim Kardashian West and countless other A-listers, it’s safe to say the Polish-bred aesthetician is an expert in her field. So to find out how to care for skin over 40, we went straight to the guru herself. Here, her top tips.

Ingredient Musts
Of course, the actives required to treat a 20-year-old’s complexion largely differ from what a 40-something will need. For those belonging to the second camp, Czech offers up three non-negotiable ingredients that should never leave your skin-care routine: vitamins A, C and E.

“[These vitamins] are all great antioxidants,” she says. “Vitamin A speeds up cellular turnover, vitamin C stimulates collagen production and vitamin E is super hydrating. Each one supports the other.”

Product Spotlight
When asked for the one product Czech would recommend to every woman over 40, she says it would be the Dior Capture Super Potent Serum ($85). “It has an energizing complex that keeps the skin super hydrated,” she explains. “Our cells start losing energy at seven years old. This serum has an amazing hyaluronic acid that creates supple skin and hydrates from within to prevent the appearance of fine lines and imperfections.”

Retinol Rules
While Czech notes that her favorite type of retinol is actually retinyl palmitide, an ingredient made up of palmitic acid and vitamin A, she names Environ’s Vita-Peptide C-Quence Serum ($118) as her favorite. The serum’s main ingredients? None other than the trifecta of vitamins A, C and E.

If you’re in a mix-it-yourself masking mood with all of this extra time at home, Czech says oatmeal and flax seeds mixed with warm water works well as a lubricating and soothing mask. For a balancing treatment, she recommends applying yogurt to the face.

Her favorite bespoke combination: Avocado mixed with Polish skin-care brand Oio’s Aquasphere Hyaluronic Serum ($85) or your favorite hyaluronic acid. “And always apply thin slices of potato for brightening.”