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Celebrities like Kim Kardashian West, Jennifer Aniston and Kate Winslet make it a must to visit esthetician Joanna Czech’s studio whenever they’re in New York or Dallas. While a proper facial will forever be an essential, Czech just made it a whole lot easier to get spa-worthy skin without a trip to her studios. Today, the celebrity go-to announced the launch of her first skin-care line, Joanna Czech Skincare, available beginning today in the form of a travel-friendly kit.

Created over a period of two years, THE KIT ($1,320) is a seven-piece set of essentials formulated to support the skin no matter the climate or weather condition. According to a release, the inspiration for the line stemmed from her clients themselves, their most frequent question being, “What products should I take on my travels?” With Czech traveling back and forth between her two studios and flying internationally for work, she decided to create a line that protects the skin on the ground, in the air and everywhere in-between.

“After over two years in the making, THE KIT is finally here,” says Czech in the release. “It is an integrated set of seven essentials that I have formulated to achieve healthy, radiant skin in any climate and condition. Each product contains the most effective actives working together to support and protect the complexion wherever you are in the world.”

Formulated to be used together, the kit includes The Toner, a barrier-restoring and balancing elixir, The C+ Serum, which strengthens the skin barrier while protecting from outside stressors, The Soothing Serum, a redness-reducing powerhouse, The Cream, infused with ceramides to hydrate, The Balm, the ultimate skin-energizer, The Cleansing Wipes, which remove makeup and dirt in just a few swipes, and a silky and comforting The Face Mask.

To choose the most effective ingredients, Czech worked with cosmetic chemists and tested the products in four different climates and altitudes. A few of the hard-hitters they landed on: African shea butter to relax the skin, hemp, ashwagandha, vitamin E and a handful of others. Together, they make for hydrated, supple and healthy skin from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world.