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Celebrity facialist, Joanna Czech revealed how to deal with puffiness on the face, following the techniques she suggests to her glamorous clients.

Joanna Czech is one of the most famous celebrity facialists in Hollywood. With over 30 years of experience and an impressive A-list clientele with names like Kim Kardashian, Kate Winslet, Uma Thurman and Jennifer Aniston, she is the person we often turn to for advice on what to do. does with skin care. In one of her recent interviews, she revealed how one can deal with puffiness on the face, following the techniques she suggests to her glamorous clients:

Face massage, the miracle worker

According to Joanna, the key to glowing and youthful skin is a simple facial massage at home with a special massage tool. "In my opinion and experience, it is extremely important to spend time massaging your skin . Muscles support the skin, so the healthier and stronger the muscles, the better your skin. Massage stimulates flow. "It brings oxygen and nutrients to the tissue and enhances the effectiveness of any product that follows, " she says.

"If done consistently, it can help with facial erection. Facial massage tools usually give a cooling effect and facilitate lymphatic drainage," he explains. "You should use the face massage tool immediately after cleaning and applying the toner. You can also use it on top of the sheet mask."


To reduce the swelling on her face, Joanna chooses the massage again, but this time with an ice cube. "I use dandelion tea ice cubes, which are ideal for lymphatic drainage. Start with the ice cube in the center of the face and roll it down to the base of the ear and then the base of the neck," she advises. 

Facial massage is her go-to choice when preparing her famous clients before a big event. "I massage, focusing my attention on the muscles in the back of the neck to open the front of the body because all the nerves are concentrated there," explains Joanna. "Then I work from top to bottom as this creates a slight swelling and straightens everything. I work on the scalp, forehead, cheeks and jaw and repeat starting from the décolleté focusing my attention on areas that need more care." .