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Fashion's favorite facialist and Dior Skincare Global Skincare Expert Joanna Czech shares her advice for adapting your skincare for fall's big changes.

At the beginning of each fall, a number of annual rituals kick off—back to school season, the transition to sweater weather, and, of course, fashion month. While each of these events brings a sense of anticipation and excitement, they can also be cause for stress, marking a change in routine, environment, and more. This can take a toll on one’s skin, causing breakouts or simply a dull, tired complexion. Perhaps no one has more experience with this than the models who work nonstop amidst the craze of four back-to-back fashion weeks—and yet they manage to hit the runway with glowing, radiant skin. So what’s their secret? L’OFFICIEL consults Joanna Czech, one of the fashion world’s favorite estheticians and Dior Skincare’s Global Skincare Expert—who works with supermodels like Amber Valetta, Anja Rubik, Joan Smalls, Lily Aldridge, and many others—to get the scoop on how models maintain healthy skin during high-stress times.

Czech, who has her own facial studios in Dallas and New York City, set up shop in the new and ultra-luxe Dior Spa Cheval Blanc in the heart of the French capital for Paris Fashion Week. The facialist is committed to results-driven treatments that combine the latest technology with high-performing skincare and her signature facial massage, and the savoir faire of Maison Dior seen in the six treatment rooms at Cheval Blanc are the perfect backdrop for her meticulous treatments. According to Czech, however, a spa appointment isn’t needed to get runway-worthy results—here, she share’s her top skincare tips as we head into fall.

What are some of the relatable stressors that models’ skin undergoes during fashion month?

According to Czech, travel and changes in climate can quickly cause your skin to react. Pair this with other side effects like not getting enough sleep, a lack of hydration, not eating a balanced diet, and perhaps indulging in more alcohol consumption or smoking than normal, and your skin is bound to show the consequences. “These can cause breakouts, dehydration, redness, and other irritation,” Czech says.

What steps can you take to minimize the damage?  

The facialist advises maintaining a simple skincare regimen, even when you’re on-the-go or just ready to hit the sheets after a long day. Removing makeup is a must, and Czech likes sticking to a basic four-step routine: cleanse with the Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Cleanser, apply a hydrating toner, top with a the Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Serum, and finish with the Dior Capture Totale Energy Crème moisturizer.

Czech also says there are some general dos and don’ts to follow, too. For the latter, she says never to forget your nighttime skincare routine and to pass on experimenting new treatments when your skin is already going through a vulnerable time—you don’t want to over-treat the skin.

On the other hand, getting as much rest as possible, staying hydrated inside and out, and doing daily facial massages to increase blood flow can make a positive difference. “Massages are healing, purifying, and brightening,” she explains. The Dior Capture Totale Super Potent Eye Serum is one of her favorite tools for this as it features a cooling applicator to de-puff and deliver the anti-aging formula.
Are there any quick fixes for fatigued skin?
Czech says to look for products with skincare ingredients proven to help. A pH balancing toner, serums with vitamins A and C and hyaluronic acid, and hydrating sheet masks are all good options. A multi-purpose balm for the lips and other dry spots is also a handy product to keep on hand when traveling, as are eye patches that you can leave on en route.