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It's easy to associate Laura Kim with fashion—after all, she is one half of the power design duo behind Oscar de la Renta. But Kim is just as much a Beauty Girl as she is a Fashion Girl, something that her 144,000 followers know from her Instagram Stories, on which she is constantly trying new products and treatments and documenting facials from her close friend and collaborator Joanna Czech.

As for her beauty team, Kim relies on Czech and dermatologist Dr. David Colbert at New York Dermatology Group to figure out her dry skin and bouts with stress-induced eczema. “When I have a skin issue, I FaceTime Joanna Czech. She recommends products for me. And I see Dr. Colbert at New York Dermatology Group. He kind of checks everything that's happening to me because I go see him all the time for skin, but I don't have time to go see a normal doctor. He's like, ‘Did you do your blood check this year?’ I'm like, ‘Nope.’”

Kim officially entered the beauty game in November of last year, when she became the brand ambassador for Czech's new skin-care line. She is, of course, a huge fan of the products, but her skin-care routine varies depending on her current skin-care concerns. “I don't do 10-step skin care, because I think that's a lot,” she says. “I try to do at least four steps. I do believe in not using the same product every day, because I think your skin just gets used to it. So I rotate between three to four brands.”

My toner

Joanna's toner comes in a spray bottle. So it's easier than putting it on your hand and putting it on your face. So I love that about that product. You just spray it on your face. It's superlight. It doesn't even feel like you put anything on.

My serum

I use Joanna Czech’s Soothing Serum. It's very gentle. And she said for me vitamin C is a better way to brighten my skin, so I use the C+ Serum. I've been friends with a lot of beauty people, and I realized that smaller brands that are just launching are more generous with what they put in their product. When Joanna started her brand, she was explaining to me all the ingredients and how much it's costing her. That's why I'm so into her products, because they're expensive but she's very generous about what she puts into her product.

 My eye cream

The Clé de Peau Enhancing Eye Contour Creme Supreme. That one comes with a little gold wand, so you can massage around your eyes. I've been using it for three years and I think it's still the best wand. I'm starting to get undereye bags, so I like to massage that area. I'm always concerned about wrinkles and the edge of the eye. I also wear the 111Skin undereye mask every day.

My spot treatment

MBR Liquid Surgery heals your skin really fast. If I have a burn from cooking or if I have a cut, it actually fades your scar really fast. A lot of people use it when they get plastic surgery and stuff like that. So whenever you have a little cut or something, go get that bottle.

My face oil

I'm against putting oil on my face, but the Augustinus Bader Face Oil doesn't clog my skin. It's weird—oil sometimes dries you out faster. That one, it feels like when I use it to do a face massage, it doesn't dry me out the next day. There's a facialist in Paris who does an acupuncture facial, and she taught me how to do face massages with my hands and I actually really like it. I do it when I’m really puffy.

My devices

I love NuFace. It uses micro currents. It's like Face Gym. I also like that. During facials, Joanna does it with micro-current gloves, which is incredible. She told me to do it every day, whenever I have a chance. Micro currents really work. I want to do it on my whole body. Joanna does it and I actually haven't done it yet, but I'm going to try right before the Met.