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Our BeautyMatter NEXT Awards aim to raise the bar and define the future of beauty. Our intention with the awards is to create a level playing field, from the largest multinationals to high-growth indies, retailers, agencies, service providers, and suppliers.

With everything we do, our first goal is bringing value to our community, and our second objective is to find whitespace either in opportunity or approach. There is no shortage of awards for brands, and for products that are well executed. Hopefully, we've carved out a space merging innovation, impact, and design that creates space for change and growth.

We made a foundational commitment that judging would be transparent and done by a panel of independent judges selected for their diversity of experience, deep category knowledge, and insatiable curiosity. The judges also agreed to recuse themselves from any awards they have an affiliation with to maintain the integrity of the process.

We received 400+ entries for over 50 awards across 7 categories. The finalists represent businesses from the entire beauty ecosystem. Our judges had a difficult task reviewing each entry to determine the finalist. In some cases, the submissions were so good, we had some ties.


Best Service Provider

Joanna Czech