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One of our most prized clients and friends Sally Singer, Creative Digital Director, Vogue, takes us inside her personal beauty routine.

My beauty routine probably hasn’t changed much in the past five years, but one thing that I have started [since my first Top Shelf] is using the Biologique Recherche line. Joanna Czech is a facialist I see whenever she’s in town and she started using that on me. And when I’m in Paris for the shows, if I’m feeling flush, I book an appointment with Biologique, too. That’s an expensive taste and must be used sparingly. I would also say that they’re not products that smell particularly good, which somehow adds to their credibility. And it’s one of the facials where you feel you look better after. It might be psychological, but you feel your skin is better. I use it in the most basic way—I have some little serums, but I’m not one of those people that can tell you what I do. Collectively they make you feel like your face is in control.