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She is the ambassador for the Dior skincare line. In her hands is the skin of Rooney Mara, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, Bella Hadid, Christy Turlington and Uma Thurman, among others. Facial massages are her best letter and she shared with ELLE the secrets of her technique.

She is one of the most sought after experts of the moment. Is that those who know her assure that her hands are magical. With more than 30 years of experience, this Polish "facialist" managed to win the admiration of celebrities and the title of ambassador of the luxury brand Dior . In addition to having an infinite agenda of celebrities who put nothing less than skin care in her hands, Joanna has the power of technique. Daily routines, suitable products and perseverance, are the three pillars to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. Something that we can all achieve if we also add the benefits of facial massages that completely modify the results.

When we think of celebrities and their care, the first thing that comes to mind are inaccessible treatments, botox, needles and even cosmetic surgeries. But it's not always like this. According to Czech, to have healthy skin you only need products that are suitable for your skin type and to follow the steps of a self-massage routine with perseverance. Something that can be done at any time of the day and in a few minutes. It also ensures that it is never too late to start taking care of yourself. The results after circulatory reactivation and oxygenation of the skin will be seen quickly.

Her mantra

Respect, maintenance and protection are three important words for Joanna. Someone who does not believe in excesses or magic solutions. The key is to take care of yourself from the inside and eat nutritious and simple products. A balanced and anti-inflammatory diet is also important for the appearance of the skin. “I can do a really good facial. But if when you leave my center you smoke a cigarette and eat sugar without measure, then I don't know why you bother to come to see me. I need my clients to do their part to achieve perfect skin. "

“Right now I use the Dior 'Capture Totale' range, because it has a technology called CELL that helps hydrate the skin. It caught my attention when I saw the stem cell research behind it. My favorite product is the 'Super Potent Serum', which is usually the third step of my facial routine. Right after cleansing and toning. To apply it, I put a few drops in my hands and spread the product on my face. After that, I pat the face with my fingers to stimulate circulation, which helps the product penetrate. Then, with my hands, I press the skin and release again several times. If you do this every day you will notice the difference. "

A simple and effective routine

No need to go through 20 steps. Joanna's routine begins at night. “In the shower I massage my body with gloves. Then I use body lotion and move on to facial care. To cleanse my face, I use Capture Totale soap (which I sometimes use for my body as well). Then I apply toner, serum, eye contour and moisturizer. "

“As a complement, twice a week I do a double cleaning with an oil and I put on a mud mask. This is how I remove imperfections. I also use a Led light fixture 3 or 4 times a week. And every night, while watching a series, I rub the massager on my face. "

The important thing is not only to use the right products but to apply them effectively to take advantage of them. It is not the same to place a cream on the go, than to place it activating the circulation. Well-oxygenated skin is more receptive to products.

Application secrets & the importance of massage

On clean and toned skin you can start the routine.

First: apply a few drops of serum to your hands and rub gently (to warm the product) before applying it to the face, neck and décolleté.

With a few taps, begin to stimulate blood flow with movements that go over the entire face. Bottom up. The product penetrates much better when oxygen is flowing.

Second: Press gently with movements ("sponge" technique) so that the serum activates easily.

Third: Gently pinch the skin to create a “rested” skin effect. Finally apply eye contour and moisturizer.

The key to achieving good skin begins with internal care (we already mentioned it) and a combination of traditional treatments that can vary: ultrasound, cryotherapy, traditional massages or facial muscle work. Mobility is essential to relax the muscles. The perfect combination is: tight skin and relaxed muscles. Something that is easily achieved with the massage technique.

Czech is not in favor of following trends. And although she uses the latest in non-invasive technology (LED light, radio frequency, etc.), the basis of all treatment for her is in facial massage.

For all those who want to clear up doubts, the expert launched through her website ( ) a space for questions about routines and beauty products.

Serum Technology

The textures were formulated by biologists to blend with the skin and provide amplified efficacy. Capture Totale CELL Energy brings together the full power of stem cell research and flower science expertise. The first, the mother of all other skin cells, can rebuild the skin by itself thanks to its dividing properties. Unlike other cells in the body, skin stem cells duplicate ad infinitum, revealing the skin's exceptional regenerative power. Flower science managed to decode the revitalizing power of 4 flowers to create technology. Longoza, peony, white lily and jasmine selected from thousands of ingredients to restore their powers to skin stem cells.