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Sleep is a restorative and crucial action that not only heals your mind and body, but your skin, too—especially after long, hot summer days. In fact, bedtime is a key point in your day to repair cellular damage inflicted by heat and sun. It also happens to be the optimal time for your skincare products to do their most effective work. That’s why it’s vital to choose the correct moisturizing products for your evening skincare routine. We’ve consulted a handful of top beauty experts to get their take on the most effective skin moisturizers for evening that thoroughly heal, protect, and nourish the skin—doing the work while we rest.

For Visible Skin Regeneration and Repair

“My favorite evening treatment post-sun exposure is Biologique Creme Masque Vernix, mixed with a few drops of Oio Lab 7 Moments Botanical Smoothing Oil,” says Joanna Czech, the famed skin authority and aesthetician responsible for some of the most glowing complexions on magazine covers and the red carpet. “Masque Vernix is a bio-engineered replication of the waxy substance that babies are covered in at birth. It is 80 percent hyaluronic acid, 10 percent lipids, and 10 percent proteins which create an incredibly hydrating, soothing cream.

The Oio oil, meanwhile, is rich in squalene, organic prickly pear, and safflower oils, and is regenerative and revitalizing. The combination is a great cocktail after sun exposure.” The Mask Vernix formulation is specifically made to prohibit water loss and hydrate the skin’s epidermal layer while soothing the skin with lipid and proteins.