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Best Roller: Joanna Czech Facial Massager

What We Love: The roller shape is specifically designed to relieve tension, increase circulation, and improve the skin’s overall tone.
What We Don’t Love: It can’t be used alone; it should be paired with a slippery skincare product to reduce friction on the skin.

Nary a professional knows more about facial tools than famed celebrity esthetician Joanna Czech. Her world-famous facials often involve some of the most high-tech devices on the market — but when it came to creating her eponymous facial tool, Czech went old school. 

The roller’s heavy metal orbs mimic the intense, sculpting facial massage Czech is known for to amp up circulation, release jaw and neck tension, and improve lymphatic drainage. In just seven minutes a day, Czech says you can “physically change the shape of your face,” counting lifted brows, a defined jawline, and contoured cheekbones as just some of the facial magic this tool can deliver with consistent use.