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Want to take your skin and regimen up a level? NEWBY HANDS asks five top aestheticians – including JOANNA CZECH, MELANIE GRANT and EMMA GOODWIN – to share the easy, expert skin secrets they swear by

Joanna Czech

The eye de-puffer

“I love dandelion tea for de-puffing, so every time I make a cup, I stick the tea bag in the refrigerator (rather than the freezer) afterwards. Once they’re chilled, you can place them on your eyes and relax for a few minutes to take down any puffiness. I also love using ice cubes as a simple cryo treatment, but if you make them from chamomile or dandelion tea, you also get added draining and de-puffing benefits. I use a gauze or glass-cleaning cloth to wrap around a cube before rubbing it over my face. If you run an ice cube over your sheet mask, the cold helps to seal in product ingredients, too. You can also do this after an extraction to calm down any redness.”

The icy facial

“Along with my masks, I keep my Joanna Czech face-massager device in the fridge so I can use it, chilled, over a sheet mask. Together, they give skin the best cryo treatment for de-puffing and taking down any inflammation.”