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We rely on the wisdom of professionals time and time again when it comes to treating our skin care concerns, so it's no surprise that dermatologists and aestheticians are the people behind some of the most hardworking and effective products on the market. With so many emerging beauty brands available, it can be confusing to narrow down what actually works, but a tried-and-true routine created by a certified skin expert is the next best thing to an in-office visit.

From top dermatologist brands like Dr. Dennis Gross, Murad, and Rose Ingleton MD to those formulated by celebrity aestheticians and skin therapists like Dermalogica and Joanna Vargas, there are plenty of worthy options to choose from. And although great skincare can sometimes be pricey, we're confident you'll find an excellent match from one of the following brand favorites that suits both your budget and product rotation. Ahead, we've pulled together some of the best professionally stamped skincare brands we're giving our gold stars to.

The Kit

Another celebrated skin expert, aesthetician Joanna Czech has been in practice for more than 35 years. She even advised Kim Kardashian on her skin care venture, SKKN by Kim.