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3. Joanna Czech Facial Massager

Revered as the godmother of facial massage, Czech put her spin on a traditional facial roller that will glide over your facial planes and muscles with superb ease.

“It stimulates blood flow, while automatically hemoglobin brings more oxygen to the surface, so the skin becomes brighter, rosier and healthier,” says Czech.

To get results from a facial roller, Czech says it comes down to consistency, but importantly, how you’re rolling your skin.

“When you do the facial roller right, you get the cheekbone, or area you’re targeting, between the two roller balls and you roll it with pressure across,” she says. (Otherwise, if the rollerballs go directly over the area, it will flatten when the goal is to plump and lift.)

Czech also adds that when purchasing a facial roller, make sure the balls are able to move so that you aren’t causing friction against the skin.

“It’s a super easy piece of equipment, and the closest thing to manual massage,” she adds.