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When it comes to shopping for beauty, there are two types of people out there: Those who roam around Sephora swatching everything they can until they have no more room left on their hands (pre-pandemic, of course), and then there are the beauty devotees who directly head over to their favorite brand and don't make any other stops around the store. That said, whether you're in search of new products or want to venture beyond your go-to shelves, you'll want to become familiar with the 2021 rising beauty brands. From serums to eyeshadow palettes, these up-and-coming labels have it all.

"Given everything that is going on in the world and the time we are spending at home, self-care and wellness will continue to be a huge focus in 2021, whether it's your skin care, hair care, or supplement routine," Autumne West, National Beauty Director at Nordstrom, tells TZR. To add to that, Michelle Gill, Vice President, DMM Beauty at Neiman Marcus, says home fragrance brands are becoming more and more popular. "It's been kind of unbelievable how incredibly strong the niche fragrance business has been throughout COVID-19," Gill tells TZR.

Additionally, West notes that at-home skin care treatments are seeing an uptick. "Customers are certainly not willing to walk away from their treatments and their skin care, even if they can't go and do the professional treatments or can't go as often," she explains. "There are so many amazing options for tools and at-home skin care regimens that really replicate what they do in spas." For instance, some of the of-the-moment high-tech tool brands on the market include TriPollar, 111Skin, and Shani Darden Skin Care, which offer devices and tools that lift and tone the face.

Emerging Beauty Brand: 111SKIN

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