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Like a stylish Chloé shearling jacket, a beautiful Bottega Veneta bag or a classic Hermès watch, there are those perfect investment products in the world of beauty that you buy, love and use again and again. Regardless of seasons or trends, these are the ‘keepers’: the must-haves that make life, your skin and beauty regimen even better. NEWBY HANDS shares her list of tried and true, use-forever beauty must-haves

The face roller

Whether you choose a more holistic crystal face roller (rose quartz for love; jade for a feeling of balance) or prefer the deep-reaching benefits of a muscle-lifting face massager (Joanna Czech’s device specifically mimics the effects of her hands in her famous facial), once you’ve tried one of these gadgets there’s no going back. More than just a way to refine features, sculpt the face and rejuvenate the skin (it stimulates the lymph system and boosts micro-circulation), just a few minutes of face rolling provides the perfect soothing antidote to a stressful day. Keep your face roller beside the couch so you can roll (upwards only, not back and forth) while watching the latest box set, or store it in the glove box, a refrigerator or a bedside cabinet (unless it’s rose quartz, as this can keep you awake).

JOANNA CZECH Facial Massager $189.00