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Whether you're looking for an ice roller, a gua sha tool, or a defining machine, these are the best tools to get the job done.

Whether you are looking to boost circulation for a brighter complexion, desperately in need of some drainage and de-puffing, or want to lift and tone your skin, aesthetician after aesthetician will tell you that it's all well and good to apply luxe serums and creams, but a facial massage practice will take things that much further for your face. And while your hands are a good tool, there exist a number of tools and devices on the market to help sculpt, tone, lift, and keep things plump and perky—think everything from jade rollers and gua sha, to micro-current devices too. Here, some of the best for all of your skin goals.

Best for Massage and Drainage

As far as rolling devices go, Joanna Czech left no stone unturned. Pull with the handle and you've got traction to massage and lift muscles, but if you push, it's the secret to lymphatic drainage in a pinch. Use with your favorite luxe facial oil and watch the magic for yourself.