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Wintertime provides some of the most magical moments of the year. But alongside the parties and traveling, the holiday season might also bring with it some issues for your skin. This time of year, the complexion is drier and can appear lackluster or dull. One of the most important steps you can take to soothe dry, chapped or overstimulated winter skin is by using a high-quality serum, which works faster than a face cream, absorbing quickly and penetrating deep into the dermal layers. Below, we’ve culled the best 12 serums that debuted this year to address the skin concerns that might plague you in the cold weather. Whether you’re sipping a bourbon cocoa in the Dolomites or nursing a glass of cabernet downtown, your skin will be fully hydrated—so you can focus on the most wonderful time of year.

Best Serum Overall

to Soothe Chapped, Dry Winter Skin

Use this product to soothe chapped, dry skin that’s suffering from cranked-up heaters. From the first application, the skin becomes calm and intensely hydrated. The pepper berry extract is an excellent hydrator and gives superior skin barrier protection, while lupine seed extracts promote collagen production.