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From an ungodly heatwave to TikTok's obsession with slugging, 2022 is bound to have had some kind of impact on your skin.
It's highly likely you've had to contend with the likes of sunburn, stress-induced breakouts and now dryness and dehydration thanks to the cold snap. Through everything, we've made it our mission to tap the very best experts in the business for their most valuable skincare advice.
Joanna Czech (facialist to Bella Hadid and Kim Kardashian) and TikTok-viral dermatologist Dr Shereene Idriss are just two of the professionals who have lent us product recommendations, helped us bust some myths and steered us in the right direction when it comes to keeping skin healthy and happy. So we wanted to put it all in one place.
Read ahead for the very best skincare advice we were given by professionals in 2022 and how it can serve you well into the new year and beyond.

"You don't really need to use an eye cream"

Joanna Czech counts Kim Kardashian and Bella Hadid as clients and what she doesn't know about achieving incredible skin isn't worth knowing.

She is diligent about her own skincare routine, too, and one product she doesn't rate is eye cream. "I happen not to use eye cream," she told R29 this year. "If a product like your serum or moisturiser has gone through ocular testing, you can take it up to your eye area and it'll do the same job. I often apply my vitamin A [retinol] and vitamin C serums (plus everything else) up to my eyes and on my eyelids. This way, you don't need another eye cream."