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Joanna Czech, skin expert

“As our skin matures, we lose collagen and moisture due to the loss of oestrogen, and pigmented spots can increase. While we cannot prevent these hormonal changes, there are ways to make them less noticeable with the right products and technology. If I could bathe in Vitamin A (retinyl palmitate) and C, I would. Retinyl palmitate is a gentler form of retinol that increases cellular turnover, helping with collagen production, lessening dark spots, and smoothing fine lines. I like the Environ C-Quence. The Joanna Czech Vitamin C is necessary for brightening, hydrating, and strengthening the skin by fighting oxidative stress with marine algae and a cell longevity booster containing teprenone. The Balm is another great product for people who are maturing. Ingredients like ceramide complex, West African shea butter, and cross-linked hyaluronic acid come together to provide long-lasting hydration, improved texture, and increased softness and glow. 

“I also like to recommend frequent facials if you can. Like going to a personal trainer, you need individualised treatment and consistency for the best results. An aesthetician’s technique, knowledge of products, and access to the latest technology is invaluable. For an at-home routine, I like to include result-driven at-home technologies such as the LYMA Laser and LED light from Celluma.”