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“Hi! I’m Taylor Tomasi Hill (@ttomasihill), writing from good ol’ Dallas, Texas. I've lived in New York and Europe and never pictured myself moving back to my home state. Sometimes I miss the energy, the art, and the architecture, but in general I love it here. Last year I helped launch The Yes, a shopping app that brings together high, low, runway, and emerging fashion brands. It’s super personalized and ranks everything in stock according to what you’ll love and what’s in your size. My official title is Creative and Fashion Director—I get to focus on the fun stuff. I’m a sounding board, a reality checker, a brand advocate, and a tough customer, and have a hand in customer experience, creative, brand partnerships, and social media. My best advice for loving your work? Loving the people you work with. I love finding workplace gems, and I’ve recruited a lot of my team from my past lives in the fashion industry.

I rarely go for beauty trends in my normal day-to-day routine, but have historically had a bad habit of trying new things right before big events—not recommended! It hasn’t done me any favors in the past, so I tend to be a bit gun-shy now. Plus, there’s something about women who embrace their natural beauty that’s so striking to me. Blythe Danner, Gwyneth Paltrow, Christy Turlington, Diane Lane... We’re so used to seeing injected, super taut faces that it’s refreshing when someone embraces aging confidently. That being said, I do dabble with Botox—I’m just very aware of making sure I always look like me.

Joanna Czech is the best tool in my beauty toolkit. Why, you ask? Joanna is known for diagnosing skin and creating a customized skin regimen for each of her clients, so every product in my routine is part of a strict regimen she prescribed. First, it’s the classic Biologique Recherche power couple: Lait VIP O2 face cleanser and Lotion P50 PIGM 400. Then I mix BR’s Serum T.E.W.L. and Serum Amniotique and pat all over my face and chest. Joanna always says that the face starts at the nipples and ends at the hairline, so I try to wear a deep V-neck tee at night to allow for easy application. Over that I layer Oio Lab Brightening Treatment with Vitamin C. I alternate between the Augustinus Bader Rich Cream and Weleda Skin Food, and finally, a few pats of Royal Fern anti-aging eye cream seals the deal. I really didn’t realize how important it is to prioritize my mug before I started seeing Joanna. I’m super passionate about everything she recommends—I’ve also been testing a lot of her own product line, which is slated to come out this fall.