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How much time do you spend thinking about beauty every day? The 10 to twenty minutes it takes to get ready in the morning? The head-turning split second of ‘Do I need that?’ when passing a Sephora? The hour or so you spend scrolling through this site?

Or maybe you spend a lot of time thinking about beauty! I sure do. For one, it’s my job. And even when I’m not elbow-deep in a story, there’s Instagram to remind me to keep beauty on the brain—every two minutes or so, when I open, close, and... re-open the app. And if that’s the inevitable truth, I should be open about the skincare experts on Instagram I’m constantly checking up on, too. Join me in this beauty obsession! Follow along below to find out who to follow on your phone.


@shanidarden: The retinol expert and sunscreen evangelist shares skincare knowledge dispersed among neutral-toned snaps of her LA-based life. And make sure you follow her "Skin Tips" in Stories, where she features roundups of skin conditions and options to treat them.

@sb_skin: Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about microcurrent facials, right this way! Come for the ingredient spotlights that happen often in Stories, stay for the snaps of Shamara’s new baby girl, Glory.

@joellecioccoparis: Do you have to understand French to know what’s happening in Joelle Ciocco’s Instagram Stories? Probably! But that doesn’t mean non-French speakers comme moi can’t enjoy the factory tours, massage videos, and memes (memes!) shared by Paris’ favorite facialist. Doesn’t hurt that the captions on the grid are in both French and English.

@carolinehirons: Love her or hate her, this aesthetician-turned-YouTuber reviews a lot of products—and has strong opinions about nearly all of them. Her Instagram is the perfect way to stay caught up.

@georgialouisesk: Georgia Louise built her career on mixing products from different brands to get the best facial results (see: her Top Shelf). Her facials, and her Instagram posts, are a menagerie of the newest, coolest skin tech.

@joannaczechofficial: Ever wonder how your favorite celebrity's skin looks so damn good on the red carpet? It’s probably Joanna Czech—click through her Skin Science highlight to glean some of that expertise.