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The 93rd annual Academy Awards airs this Sunday, with pandemic adjustments allowing for nominees, their guests, and presenters able to attend in person. But whether partaking in-person or online, the Oscars offer a chance to indulge in some awards-season-level glamour—which is why sought-after facialist and Dior Global Skincare Ambassador Joanna Czech has set up shop in L.A. this week, prepping the complexions of some of our favorite celebrities.

“Clients leave with bright, tighter-looking skin,” says Czech, who began working on some clients' skin as early as Tuesday, ensuring that treatments would be complete well ahead of the big event. “Nice, sculpted, and lifted, very smooth, so the canvas is perfect.” And though her philosophy for facials is a tailored one—based on each client's routine, history, and health—Czech does have some universal steps to share. The best part? The 90-minute regimen can be adapted for some at-home indulgence.

Czech begins with a cleanse, followed by 15-20 minutes of facial massage. Pre-red carpet, she often skips extractions entirely, opting instead for a round of mechanical exfoliation via a diamond peel. Next comes a round of curated serums, pressed into prepped skin and infused with a combination of ultrasound and red LED light. “Sound is tightening and brightening to the skin, and red LED stimulates collagen and elasticity of the skin,” says Czech. “A combination of these two modalities stimulates ATP energy, and that’s what creates the longevity of the treatment.” A microcurrent treatment helps with targeted muscle tightening and sculpting, serums are reapplied, and a blast of cryogenic air helps to seal everything up in a taut and primed package.

At home, tools like Dior's Prestige La Pétale Multi-Perlé facial massage tool offer a stand-in for a professional massage, and a sheet mask skimmed with a piece of ice can imitate the cryo component. Regardless of your favored serums or smoothers, though, Czech's most important tip is to pay attention to what your skin needs. “Approach skin with respect, because skin has so many responsibilities and functions,” says Czech. Looking for a new way to watch the Oscars? Ditch the final look in favor of a mid-show facial, and wake up with hydrated, glowy, red-carpet-ready skin.