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My stance on face rolling is this: It feels good, but have I noticed long-term effects from repeatedly rubbing a cool stone over my face? Not really. But do I still jade-roll my puffy face the morning after eating ramen and gummy bears? Yes, because I need all the help I can get and it doesn’t hurt.

When ultrafacialist Joanna Czech, who has examined the pores of Sting, Kim Kardashian West, and Phillip Lim, announced that she created a new face roller, I thought, Okay. I wasn’t that excited to hear about an alleged new version of what I considered to be a non-crucial beauty tool. But this one is different.

It really helps to alleviate the tense muscles in your face that you work all day from making incredulous expressions at the news and reacting to memes. Most look like paint rollers, designed to cover a wide swath of surface, therefore making it difficult to target specific areas of tension. While I don’t know what the muscles in my face are called, I can feel Czech’s face massager getting to them. The two round balls home in on pain points and glide along bones and the planes of your face to simulate the firm, de-puffing fingertips of a really good aesthetician. Unlike other rollers, I can feel the tool “grip” my skin and muscles in a way that seems like it’s really working.

Usually you want to roll upward, in the direction of the forehead, but this one can go both ways. Flip the handle downward and it’ll help with face massage. Use it pointing upward and it does lymphatic drainage. Either way, you’ll get more lifted, glowier-looking skin, thanks to increased circulation. (Czech has a helpful video showing how.)