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Will it pass the Netflix test?” asks Net-a-Porter Global Beauty Director, Newby Hands, of the facial tools stocked on the e-commerce giant’s website, “If it can be used whilst watching TV, then it will sell.” Nailing the world's unabashed obsession with the rose quartz face rollers and lifting and sculpting devices permeating every last square of Instagram, Hands alluded to the trend that is as pleasurable to do from your own living room as it is in-clinic by a professional. 

Aside from achieving the tightest skin going - Ross’ firm jaw is proof of that - they help ease tension, encourage muscle tautness and boost circulation and make skin look effortlessly fresh. Refrigerated balls have long been used by facialists to calm skin down post-facial but they’re also excellent for massage and kneading the face's contours effectively.

Mega facialist, Joanna Czech’s facial massager is a top three tool on Net-a-Porter for a reason; it has been cleverly designed to mimic her hands massaging your face and is made with zinc which is known for its healing properties: “You can massage and drain toxins for skin with my tool; for massage, lead with the handle and pull in an upward motion while for drainage you should lead with the roller and push in outward motions,” says Czech. Her clientele includes everyone from Bella Hadid to Christy Turlington so you’re in for a face sculpting treat.